Forgiveness and Deliverance

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I shared a message the Lord impressed on my heart about the difference in Christian forgiveness and deliverance. I believe it is fair to say that many people need to be delivered. The pain of rejection, abandonment, and fear are so real that they affect every part of our lives. I spent most of my life with the feelings of rejection, abandonment and fear. The burden that comes with the wound caused me to struggle with my weight. The weight of the sin was so heavy that I would grind my teeth at night to the point that it caused the top part of my teeth to chip away. The emotional stress caused me to avoid close relationships with others because it just hurt too much.

Healing begins when you begin to acknowledge the pain, the hurt, the rejection, the abandonment, the need to be loved, accepted and wanted.

I was wounded most of my life. The healing process began when I began to first trust my brother, and then I felt comfortable to share with him. Jesus Christ is the Great Physician, the Great Healer, and the Mighty Counselor. When we are wounded, we develop a one-sided perspective of the world because our wounds have dictated our feelings and actions. In our minds it makes perfect sense, but the truth of the matter is much different than what we have manufactured in our minds.

For most of my life, I believed my daddy did not love me, and lived with that false belief system from the age of 3 to 25. To my surprise, the person my daddy was and the man that I saw were two completely different people.

How is that possible? A wounded heart.

It was not that he did not love me, but because he was wounded, he could not give me what he did not have. Unfortunately, I lived with a burden of rejection and abandonment. In his final days, the Lord Jesus allowed me the opportunity to see the healed man, the one Daddy wanted to be but could not be because wounds do not just go away. He spent his entire life feeling rejected, abandoned, unloved and unappreciated. As a result, those very same spiritual wounds were projected onto me. Just like he could not fix himself, neither could I fix myself.

In order to be truly healed, we must be willing to talk about it.

I spent 6 years talking about all my hurt, pain, trust issues, dating difficulties and every other frustration and misunderstanding that accompanies a wounded heart. The only way I could receive Christ was to first see something so different, that I knew it was God. Three months before my dad passed away, he was exceptionally nice to me and was excited to me for the time since I was a little girl, and my daddy told me he loved me.

Those were last words I heard my Daddy say before he died.

The change in him was so dramatic, I knew it was God. I knew at that very moment God was real and He loved me. This message is not easy for me to share, but there are so many people out there who are wounded, just like I was who do not know what to do. I understand is not easy to talk about our hurt feelings without breaking down into tears. However, every tear that we cry, God remembers and places them in a special place.

When we confess our hurt and find the source of our pain, the healing process begins.

As the truth is revealed, and the Word of God is received, then the Deliverer, Jesus Christ, can bear the burden that is not ours to bear.

I see so many people who are spiritually bleeding out. No one wants to continue to live with the pain, the hurt, the guilt or the shame, but the truth is we cannot fix ourselves. I share this with one because I want you to be delivered and healed in your hearts. As you read this, and this is you, please comment. I know someone who can help you begin the healing process.

My story is unique to me because the Lord has chosen me for such a time as this. He called me to be a Christian counselor, to represent the Great Counselor, as He uses me to bring healing, freedom and deliverance to the brokenhearted; to set the captives free.

When we confess our sins to another, then we can be healed is the theme as a Christian counselor. The Lord Jesus used me to deliver a man of his rejection. At that moment, the Lord confirmed my calling on my life. Please LIKE, SHARE and COMMENT. We do not have to continue to bleed out. We can be healed and made new just like Jesus Christ promises in His Word that we can!

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