“The root centered around unaddressed pain and resentment towards her father”

Out of the Abundance of the Heart is my intimate account as a child who did not grow up in church nor a Christian home. This is my testimony: I grew up in a two-parent home.  To an outsider, we looked like a good family but the broken relationship I had with my dad caused my life to spin out of control. 


       During my mid to late 20s, I discovered the gift of writing poetry to express my deep-seated emotions and feelings that were locked away in the secret places of my heart.  Writing was therapeutic for me and allowed me express my feelings and emotions in a productive way.  My dad died when I was in my early 30s. In order for me to cope with my emotions and feelings about my dad, I began to write again.  The death of my dad rocked my world and put me on a path of seeking for God. 


        I always believed there was a God, but I did not know much beyond that. 


Death brought my mortality to the forefront of my mind.  Now, death was no longer just a concept in my life but a reality that I had been confronted with.  Within two years of my dad’s death, I met Jesus Christ and He completely changed my life. 


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Out of the Abundance of the Heart


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